You are the sum of the obstacles you overcome...

Forbes Riley repeats this phrase frequently, and she continues to turn her dreams into reality time and again. An author, award winning television personality, entrepreneur, creator of the SpinGym fitness sensation - Forbes is one of the most sought after female keynote speakers in the country. As a motivator and role model, she has a unique connection with her audience that stems from her own personal journey.

Before becoming a media success, host of more than 100 infomercials and 20 years marketing products on home shopping channels worldwide, Forbes Riley struggled with her own weight and her father’s unrealized dream of becoming an inventor. Crowned by the press as the $2 Billion Dollar Host, she was determined to reach her goals — and through dedication, never ending passion and hard work, she has.

Dream it.   Believe it.   Achieve it.

Forbes Riley has created a trusted brand name for herself and is recognized internationally as an award-winning TV host, spokesperson, celebrity fitness and lifestyle expert, professional coach, keynote speaker, actress and author. By sharing a unique and inspiring philosophy that stresses the integration of fitness, nutrition, and behavioral changes, Forbes empowers people everywhere to define and reach their personal goals, both physical and psychological and she is the true embodiment of dreaming it, believing it and achieving it.

$2 Billion Host.

Often billed in media as the $2 billion host, Forbes has grossed more than that in direct TV sales revenue over the span of her career. Forbes is currently at the top of her field, awarded the ERA Moxie award for Best Female presenter multiple times, which is a testament to her incomparable success in blending her talent and knowledge with her dynamic communication style to speak and inspire audiences across the globe.

Direct TV Sales.

Forbes is recognized as a pioneer in the industry and for pitching the most wildly popular products such as the Jack LaLanne Juicer, the Montel Williams Health Master, her own Forbes Riley SpinGym and the best of the best fitness, health and life improvement products over the course of her career. She lives her mission that health and fitness is a lifestyle not a fad.

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Forbes Living TV.

Today, Forbes is the host of the national talk show, Forbes Living, which airs on WE television and is filmed at Forbes Riley Studios. Forbes Living is on a mission, empowering inventors and entrepreneurs with a dynamic platform to bring their innovative products to the world.

Actress & TV Host.

Acting was always her first love and she had a background that includes working on Broadway with such luminaries as Christopher Reeve, Lilly Tomlin and Bob Fosse. Additionally her passion for communication has extended to a very lucrative TV hosting career: it began on Cable with a Fitness Series called Fit-TV and grew into her own national talk show, “Essentials” on TLC, a dog game show on Animal Planet, co-hosting the first 3 years of ESPN’s X-Games alongside Stuart Scott and currently hosting the WeTV series Forbes Living.

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